We provide strategic expertise and workplace training to build common understanding and align your people's behaviours to the organisation's values. We help to shape values that are reflective of community expectations, as well as offer EEO (bullying, harassment, discrimination) training, Contact Officer training, communication and leadership skill-building, healthy lifestyle workshops, mediations and workplace investigations.



Our programs help people to manage themselves and connect with others more effectively and through doing so contribute to building an engaged, respectful and inclusive culture.


Backed by legal and psychological expertise, En Masse is one of the few EEO training providers that draws the linkages between human rights and wellbeing. We take a respect-and-protect approach to dealing with common EEO issues so that managers and employees become aware of their responsibilities and are better equipped to autonomously resolve issues before they escalate. In our content, we value the importance of building empathy through storytelling and the use of workplace-relevant scenarios so participants fully appreciate the humanity of aligning their behaviours to legal and organisational standards.


En Masse applies the principles of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and emotional intelligence in building healthy, positive communication skills, whether it be dealing with customers and clients or other colleagues at work. We provide practical and thought-reframing techniques to help build team leadership capability, providing the tools to nurture flourishing, collaborative and productive teams.


Our behaviours outside the work environment can impact both our work performance and our wellbeing as a whole. En Masse takes a whole-of-life approach to behaviour change, providing training that promotes healthy habits around nutrition and physical fitness, addiction and substance use (including smoking and alcohol), family and parenting skills, and the ability to build and maintain positive, supportive relationships.

Mediations and investigations

En Masse provides employer focused, practical advice and tailored solutions in the investigating and mediating of complex and sensitive workplace issues, affecting organisations big and small. We apply our legal and mental health expertise in dealing with cases and claims of bullying, sexual harassment, misconduct, discrimination, or inappropriate behaviour. We take a skilled, procedurally fair and impartial approach, providing regular progress updates and comprehensive investigation reports and mediation outcome agreements, including evaluation of the commercial risks. Our aim is to help employees and organisations move forward in a constructive, positive fashion in lieu of, or as a pre-cursor to, a formal investigation.