Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is the ability to identify and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. It’s about how we handle ourselves in the world, in conversations with colleagues and management, and the ability to genuinely connect with others.


This session provides a useful definition of emotional intelligence. The concepts of self- awareness, the connection between our thoughts, feelings and actions, empathy and self regulation will be covered. Participants can develop their own action plan for handling themselves better and helping others to build upon their own self- awareness and empathy levels. All the material presented is evidence-based and it challenges people to make small changes in how they think and behave to achieve better productivity and enhanced personal wellbeing.

Available formats

  •  1hr workshop, 3hr workshop, 30min module
  •  managers, all staff
  •  face to face, online

learning outcomes

Participants can expect to gain from this session an ability to:

  • define the concepts of emotional intelligence

  • look at ways of applying the principles in their own workplace

  • explore some communication tips that help boost psychological health and express emotional intelligence

  • be motivated to improve work performance and ensure working environments are health-promoting.

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Subject: Building emotional intelligence

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