En Masse creates custom-branded online platforms and learning assets to assist you to conveniently meet your training or knowledge-sharing objectives in innovative, engaging formats. We go beyond conventional, compliance-based elearning to offer you video-rich, useability-optimised modules, learning apps and knowledge portals with the option to connect your people to a learning community.

The Challenge

Upskilling and training managers and employees is essential to continued productivity, growth and organisational compliance. The challenge always is to deliver in a cost-effective and timely manner, and to engage diverse populations of employees across disparate regions and departments.

Through our groundbreaking On a Roll 21™ app we have the answer. 

The Solution

On a Roll 21™ incorporates the research and techniques behind successful behaviour change into a video-rich interactive knowledge portal that supports peer sharing and social learning.

On a Roll 21™ is designed to support, communicate and reinforce the messages that matter within an organisation. We've done away with traditional elearning modules and incorporated knowledge transfer into an enjoyable, interactive app-based learning experience that harnesses the power of peer learning.

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