Gender diversity and unconscious bias are some of the challenges facing employers. Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce has been shown to build engagement, productivity, wellbeing and innovation. We get to the core cognitive and attitudinal factors underpinning these issues through our programs, with a focus on the following two key areas.


The productivity and performance benefits of a diverse organisation have been widely documented.  Our diversity and inclusion programs include understanding unconscious bias and how biases impact on our everyday decisions. We believe raising the awareness of unconscious bias within organisations is fundamental in creating and embedding a diverse and inclusive culture. Our programs provide practical advice to assist organisations to challenge and eliminate unfair biases and to help improve the quality of decisions, thereby contributing to improvements in organisational effectiveness.


PREVENTING & RESPONDING TO violence against women

Organisations are key settings for the prevention of violence against women, as most women and men in domestic violence situations are in paid work. This means that workplaces are directly impacted by this issue, and bear substantial productivity costs associated with these adverse behaviours and the attitudes and beliefs that underpin them, including potential safety risks to other employees. Our range of programs explore the key organisational issues relating to violence against women and provide a skill-building component, at both employee and manager level, to increase participants' confidence and capability in appropriately supporting colleagues who disclose they are in an abusive relationship. 

White Ribbon Accreditation
En Masse delivers both face to face and digital training programs to address violence against women for organisations applying for White Ribbon Accreditation.

Program highlights

Below is a selection from our catalogue of programs in the diversity & inclusion space. 
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