En Masse tailors workplace mental health and wellbeing programs to help address common mental health issues and concerns organisations and managers encounter every day, from stress and coping with change through to handling a crisis at work. Our programs aim to improve productivity and effectiveness at various stages of intervention, starting with health promotion and prevention.

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Our key areas of focus


health Promotion & prevention

Promoting workplace practices that optimise wellbeing at work.

Mental health promotion also incorporates creating a positive healthy working environment and culture where actions are directed at strengthening the skills and capabilities of individuals and growing supportive teams. Prevention refers to strategically reducing OH&S and other behavioural risk factors that we know often lead to poor outcomes. This also includes building up protective factors to ensure better mental health and wellbeing outcomes.


early intervention

When behavioural and performance related issues exist and action is taken to stop these problems/issues becoming worse.

Early intervention is where we take a more strategic approach to helping people who may be displaying the early signs and symptoms of a mental health problem and/or people who’s behaviours are putting their workplace at risk. Training in this area should be open to those interested and offered to leaders so effective and appropriate support is delivered to those requiring it.

active intervention/treatment

Helping people who have identified problems or are dealing with a crisis situation at work.

Active intervention and crisis management is often done through ‘skilling up’ key leaders and HR teams and developing effective links to outside support agencies.

recovery & maintenance

After a person has experienced health problems; assisting people to return to work and stay well.

Recovery activities refer to both a process and an outcome which re establishes roles and relationships to maintain health. Aspects of relapse prevention and ongoing support and monitoring are also important.

Program highlights

Below is a selection from our catalogue of workshops and programs in the mental health & wellbeing space. Contact us today for a full catalogue or to discuss your training needs.